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If you discover that you need root canal therapy, do not delay. Our staff is qualified and ready to provide you with exceptional endodontic care.


When you come into our office, we will determine why you may need a root canal, which may include:


- Inflamed / infected tooth pulp

- Severe sensitivity to hot and cold elements

- Tooth decay

- Chipped or broken teeth

- A blow to the tooth

- Swelling or tenderness near the infected tooth



Superior endodontics you can trust

Have confidence in our staff to perform your root canal with excellence. Our advanced procedure consists of:


- Anesthesia.

- Isolation of the afflicted tooth

- Opening of the tooth / decay removal

- Tooth cleaning

- Reshaping of the canals

-Tooth is filled and covered



Dependable root canal procedures

You might have heard that root canal therapy is painful. But when you come to our office, it feels like nothing more than having a cavity filled. We will guide you every step of the way through your procedure.

Offering the latest in root canal therapy

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Isolation of the afflicted tooth Root canal diagram