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Radiography Hero

Count on our office to provide you with the most advanced technology in digital radiography. When you need x - rays for your teeth, trust that our skilled staff will walk you through the process in a caring and professional manner.


Know that x - rays are safe and effective. Digital radiography works on a simple principle: the x - rays are stimulated and sent through the mouth. Our staff is certified to perform this procedure.


If you have any pain, discomfort, or issues with your teeth, digital radiography will help us see deep inside of your gums to spot the problem and effectively treat it.

Amazing x - ray services

You may have some reservations about receiving x - ray services. Have peace of mind knowing that our x - ray equipment puts out the smallest amount of radiation possible and is 100% safe. You are always in good hands when you receive dental care from our office.


If you have any questions or concerns about digital radiography, we are here for you!

Digital radiography is safe

When you visit our office, you might need x - ray services that will provide us with valuable information about your oral health.

Digital radiography and your dental care

Safe and effective digital radiography

A dental x-ray